Illustrations and design for the children’s book
Written by Kevin Eisenbaum
Published by Pebbles Prints, 2020

“ZARK” will take you on an unexpected adventure without even leaving the bedroom. It’s the classic tale of a younger brother who just wants to be a part of his older brother’s secret. And the not-so-classic tale of the incredible world where that secret leads them. To survive an adventure this big, you might have to trust your little brother.

Based on a true story of two brave brothers.

This awe-inspiring world is filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. From a 200-foot tall Frogmingo to the always silly Tongue Twisters. Let the end pages guide you throughout the book of all the creatures to be found on Planet Zark.




Some sketches

Character design
(based on reference photos from the author's family archive)

Reference photos